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Intuitive SEO With Seolize most of the SEO tweaks are pinpointed out easily and can be quickly fixed and verified.  Next » Learn more
Achieve Better SEO Seolize is also great for the SEO expert as he can quickly identify the parts of a website that need fixing.  « Previous Next » Learn more
SEO Made Easy Seolize is a great tool for SEO beginners and non-SEO experts to help them out to achieve better search rankings.  « Previous Learn more


Seolize is the tool the Website administrator, Website Analyst or Website SEO Expert needs to enhance the website and get better rankings in Google and Bing. Seolize can easily identify those parts of the website which need to be tweaked in order to achieve better search results.

Better rankings result in more visibility and better business.

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Seolize enables you to:

  • Identify the top keywords that represent your site
  • Run sanity checks on the HTML Code
  • Traverses website links for dead links
  • Analysis of the website images
  • Checks site rankings on Google and Bing
  • Suggestions for better SEO
  • Find backlinks pointing to your website from Google and Bing
  • Graphical Reports to easily chart your website stats

View a demo of Seolize here.

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